I posted a link to a demo of part 1 here a few weeks ago, now it's time for a demo of the fourth part. Vocals included. Remember: it's just a demo, the vocals and guitars are a little off key in some places.

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Typing as I listen...

- Singer almost has a Jewel quality. Very soothing.
- I dig the acoustic background, with electric lead.
- Hmm... something just doesn't sound right, with the electric. Maybe a bit too much distortion, or a bit too heavy metal sounding.

Overall, a lot of good musical stuff going on, instead of just a bunch of screaming.

Score = 81 out of 100

Hey man, that sounds pretty cool. Everything was pretty tight. The singer was good and in tune, and the whole vibe of the song was great. It sounds somewhat like Jefferson Airplane to me. Pretty cool stuff. I can't wait to hear it when it's finished.


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