So, after a very prolific creative high, I finish recording this set of songs. Eleven songs, written in like three months after a long dry period that lasted almost three years. I even thought I wouldn't be writing any more songs, but here I am, enthusiastic like a teenager with my latest recordings. Well, hope you like them, and share any opinions you might have, they're all very welcomed. I'll answer any question you'd have too.

Go check it out here:

You can download it from here:
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Wow. I'm blown away! These are some really well written, well recorded tracks. Did you produce these songs yourself and if so, what kind of setup do you have? I went ahead and downloaded the songs. My favorites are 4 real, Expect Me To Lie, Let Them Go By, Solved On It's Own, Ready to explode, and Time & Distance. At first I thought your vocals were a little weak in a few spots, but you have a distinctive accent which makes the vocals sound unique. They work really well in these recordings. I'd have to give you a 9/10 on this album as a whole. I hope to hear more soon!

Your stuff is really top notch. I enjoy it a lot, the song progressions are interesting and the type of music you're making is (to me) unclassifiable. It's definately alternative (as you describe it) but it has this certain European flair to it that American alternative (and even British alternative) music doesn't have. It reminds me of some music I heard at a cafe in Maribor, Slovenia (unfortunately the lyrics were sung in Slovenian so I couldn't understand it ). But anyways, your stuff is really class!

The only critique I can give (if anything) is that maybe you should try to sing a little bit higher or a few notes higher. Of course, not being a native English speaker your voice has different qualities when singing in English than mine would so that might play a factor but otherwise (and even withstanding) your stuff is really great! Keep it up!
Man, I feel so flattered right now, I thought those songs were sh*t and that I wouldn't get any feedback. Thanks guys, thanks a lot.
About my setup: I use an Edirol UA-25 audio interface, and a Behringer C1 condenser mic (that mic is a little crappy, but really cheap for a condenser one). My guitars and amp can be seen in my profile. I use a crappy Yamaha keyboard as a MIDI controller since it has MIDI out. And that's it.
I like to hear that my music is unclassifiable (in a good way I guess). I think my biggest influence in songwriting is The Beatles and Oasis, but I've been listening a lot to Tegan & Sara before writing and recording this album. I like so many different bands and I think they all sort of mix when I make music.
As for singing higher, in my previous efforts I tended to sing higher, but I think that my voice loses a lot of strength when I go above the middle of my registry. I might try to raise the range in my next songs.
Again, thanks for all the kind words., they are really apreciated.
Hell is empty. All the devils are here. - William Shakespeare