When wiring a neck pickup which has a Red wire, Green wire, White Wire, Black wire and a wire with no covering, where does each wiring go?

The guitar itself has a 5 way pickup select, a volume and a tone knob.
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they are not necessarily the same across brands so your best bet is to look for a wiring diagram on company web site or possibly youtube it.

but maybe someone will know here or in Guitar Building and Customizing after you post what pup and guitar you have.
It's a Dimarzio Breed pickup, I've looked at the wiring diagrams but all it mentions are the white and red wire...
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If it's set to split in the middle position then follow this diagram


the red wire is the output, green is ground so if you want to wire it normally without a split then just solder the black and white wires together.
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Green & Bare = ground
red = hot
black & white = coil tapping
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