I've been wondering alot, I happen to have big hands, and playing in the post 12 frets is slowly becoming hard:P

wondering,m now i have a G&L legacy american, which scale is this.

and womeone with say a ''bigger'' scale will have bigger fret spaces?

i would like to know if it is much bigger or very similar? since on my luthier guitar he said the neck would have a different scale and that it would be a little hard to get used to it but once done it would be much better for me:P
Longer scales the frets get further apart. 25.5 is pretty standard for many guitars, strat and copies. 24 3/4 is gibson. There is baritone its 28 I think. Yours is pretty much a strat so 25.5 if you need a longer scale look at warmoth you can get a drop in neck in baritone scale.
You can't just "drop in" a new neck youll need to move your bridge back to accomodate the tnew scale length and you will most likely have to route the neck cavity to accomodate the shape of the new neck.
i have huge hands(i know cause i use extra large gloves) but i pick a short scale guitar and im loving it

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im not changing the neck, its for my custom built luthier guitar

example a small scale and a large scale 24 fret neck

will it be the exact same size or too llittle difference to notice :P
I've got a 24 3/4" scale Explorer, a 25" Carvin and two 25 1/2" Ibanezes, one 22 fret and the other 24 and I can definitely feel the difference. I have pretty huge hands too and I really like the extra space the longer necks give me but the Explorer was my first guitar and I've had it so much longer than the others that I'm really used to it too.

Some Schecters come in a 26 1/2" scale (mainly 7 strings but I've seen a few 6 strings too) so you should try out one of those and if you like it get your luthier to make yours in 26 1/2"
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Bassman 43 depending on the guitar yes you can drop a different scale neck in. I have a strat thats been converted from 25.5 to 24.75 by swapping the necks. No moving the bridge involved. Have a look at the necks warmoth offers.