i have a cheap ass old school strat with the regular strat tremolo brigde. The guitar is a piece of **** but i still like playing it, but the bridge is at like a 45 degree angle to the body...i already adjusted the screws on the bridge and theyre almost all the way in the body. That helped some, but the bridge is still too high....any other suggestions?
I'd say add another spring in the back.
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I'd say add another spring in the back.

tighten the claw down......if that doesn't help add a spring.
i had kind of the same problem with my Squire the bridge was all crooked like you said, and i did the same thing and now my bridge is too high, but i have not had any problems with it.
So i don't understand what your problem is, does it make it harder to palm mute or something?
you can also try tightening the screws on top of the bridge plate, i'm assuming you were talking about the 2 screws underneath on spring claw.

and it never hurts to get a new set of springs as they don't stay tight forever.