Poll: Which Amp Should I Really Buy?
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B-52 AT100
1 11%
Randall RH50T
1 11%
Bugera 333XL
2 22%
Bugera 6262XL
1 11%
Peavey Valve King 100
3 33%
1 11%
Voters: 9.
I think ive narrowed the amps ive been looking at down to the final handfull. again, i play metal mostly but a few other things inbetween total clean and death. i am looking at buying something for around 300 used so i can sound better live. i want it to be tube and that is pretty much the way it has to be. i have a seymour duncan twin tube mayhem so im not totally worried about the distortion but i do like amps that you can feel the thump of the distortion so rectifacation would be very nice i would like it to sound very full and i want the most bang for my buck that i can get.