I'm looking at Ibanez Artcores, but there's so many different models I don't know which to buy. I'm looking at the $400 price range. I play blues, blues-rock, classic rock. I don't need a bigsby either.

Any recommendations?
I'd suggest taking one of the semi hollow models, not the full size hollow bodies, because of the more typical rock and blues sound and less feedback problems when using lots of gain (classic rock). The only one in your price range is the AS73:

Nice instrument, I can't think of anything comparable in that price range right now.
I prefered the archtop over any other kind of semi-hollow because they really had an advatnage in sound. They are a little bit big, but really, the sound was much fuller than any of the other artcores. From there, all the Ibanez archtops are pretty much the same. When I went to the store and played all of them, it just seemed that the main differences were the features. Some were different colors, some had tremelos while others didn't, etc. I went with the AF75TDG and I love it. I would've preferred it without the tremelo also, but they didn't have one in stock.