So I've been told by 2843756930 people Half stacks aren't worth it, I've been recommended a lot of amps but specifically, I want an amp that is CLEAN, not noisey, I can use at small gigs yet still in my bedroom preferably about 50 - 60 watts? I'm sure thats enough, yet I can plug my FX pedal into it and be able to record music as well, I'm looking for one that can give me that GNR/AC/DC sound, I already kinda get that sound with my FX pedal + my ****ty kustom 10 watt lol but yeah just tell me what you guys recommend, Seeing half-stacks are too loud and not worth it at this stage I'll be content with an amp that I can play at gigs but its clean, has no problems and can last me And if there is actually a half stack out there you honestly think is worth it just say so! Thanks!

edit: I also use a les paul standard if that helps and my budget is $600 max
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Im gonna recommend a Peavey Valveking 112. Great tube amp, isnt specialized like some, so you can get alot of different sounds out of it, is 50w, and with a good guitar, can give you an AC/DC sound and a good GnR sound too. I own one, an i really like it. You also might wanna check out the Traynor YCV50 combo. Seems to get alot of good reviews around here, but i havent played one myself.
+1 on the Peavey Classic 30.
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then.............get one?

or just be careful. nothing ever happened to mine...
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It has individual tube guards. GET IT!
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the thing with the classic 30 is they don't have tube guard

All the new ones come standard with tube gaurds.
You can take a piece of wood and screw it on.
Voila! Tube guard.
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The Peavey Classic 30 is a good choice. Also, look at maybe Traynor YCV50BLUE.
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