i just got the idea for this from the "Worst thing about guitar" thread.

So, what do you not like about guitar hero?

can be about people who play it, you playing it, etc.
Check out my music, if you please.
People who think they can play guitar because they beat Raining Blood on expert.

EDIT: ^^^ Thank you freedom. If you don't like it, fine, quit bitching about it though.
i wish you would go away after your last dumb thread about 5 minutes ago. oh and *reported*

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When you play the right patterns and hit the strum bar right, only to realize that you shifted your hand down, playing on the wrong buttons and missing every note in that particular riff.

Very similar to playing a riff correctly using the wrong frets on real guitar.
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I think it devalues real guitar skill. You get idiots who assume playing guitar is easy because they can play Raining Blood on expert, morons.