this might be a retarded question but i was just curious

You guys know how there are programs that let you take pictures of a room in your house and what not, and change the colours of the walls, or furniture to give you a preview of what it would look like before you spend the time and money to do it.

I was wondering, is there a program where you can take a picture of you and change your hair colour/style, to preview before you make a potentiallly disastrous mistake.

I'm not looking for photoshop or anything, cause I know you can do it on there but it takes a large amount of time and skill to perfect, and I possess neither of these abilities. Haha.

Anyways, thanks if you can help, and even if you can't!

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There are websites. Just google it.

Or you could post pictures and let us have a go on them with mspaint.
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^ i like his ms paint idea. do that.
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I know there's at least one like that, but the one I saw was like 700 bucks. It was kind of like Microsoft Paint, but with hair. You could pick what tools you wanted to use(scissors, clippers, etc) and pretty much give a digital 3D image of yourself a haircut and color and all that. It would be pretty useul for a proffesional stylist, but not nearly worth it for just someone trying to find a col hairstyle. Search around your town and try to find a salon that has it, they'll let you use it to try and find a style you like.