any drummers in Ajax/Pickering/Whitby area of Ontario??

my band is looking to give our current drummer the boot, but we need to pick up somebody new before we do so because we still wanna be able to play shows over the summer

the band's called Citizen One, we play a mix of alt rock, progressive and punk
influences? uhhh Muse, Our Lady Peace, Incubus, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters
we're recording a 4-song EP at the moment..... so yea the situtation is kinda fukd
our lineup is a typical four piece, band members are all around 17 years of age

if you're interested, email me
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bad idea posting your phone number on the UG forums.

probably against the rules too.
if you don't take that phone number down right now i'm gonna prank call it for years

i don't care if it's long distance