Alright so im graduating tomorrow from elementary school and i wanna go out doing something big. Like a huge prank.But i have no idea what I could do.

Any suggestions?
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This man has the right idea.

oh yeahhh
Elementary school?
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get everyone in your year to just pretend to die at a set time. just lie down on the floor and die, and dont move for 5 minutes. then everyone just get up and carry on as if nothing happened
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take a shotgun shoot students get arrested and use the argument 'it was a prank' laugh, and get locked away at the G-ward
I'm graduating in '10. Me and my friends have started trying to convince everyone in our year, on the second to last day, at a set time, to take roofies. Imagine, the entire senior class passing out at the same time, and nobody can wake them up
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(I hope)
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Just show up late, idk, not a prank or anything, but its probably the most intresting thing ur gonna be able to do
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At one of the high schools around here the seniors took all the letters off the big sign out front that said "Manalapan High School" so it said "Anal High School".

You should do something like this;

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d00d, get leik, 3 pigz, n leik, right 1 2 n 4 on dem so da st00pid t3achezr luk fer numba 3 LOLOL
You should put the wrong colour marker caps on the markers

Like put the red on blue and the blue on green

Some elementary schools go to 8th grade, middle school 9,10, then high school is 11 and 12.
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You should put the wrong colour marker caps on the markers

Like put the red on blue and the blue on green


i am giggling uncontrollably because of you.
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Elementary school?

Exactly what i was thinking hahaha
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Wait till Senior in highschool and water-baloon all the freshman, although I will be a freshman, I wouldn't mind on the last day of school

edit: fill the waterbottles with Gatorade, that gets sticky after it dries. (no "thats waht she said" jokes..)
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Too be he had to be a dick about his crayons.
Call all the red heads Charmander, Then when some one asks why say "I do it for teh lolz"


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Glue a false beard over your tiny, pre-pubecsnt genitals and turn up naked, yelling "I'm all grown up, mommy, WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"
Okay, here's what you do, get a couple d..... Wait... elementary school.... pf...pf..pfft.... HAHAHAHA!
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Birthday : July 27, 1993 and your in elementary school? wow



A good prank would be to hang yourself.

I'm joking. You should've thought of this earlier, as well... It's kind of late to plan.

(but, seriously... hang yourself.)

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