not too bad man, the vocals were a little shaky but a lot better than I could have done. I'd show you my instrumental cover of Runaway by the Travelling Wilburys, but the file won't upload from iTunes or from Garageband.... know of a way to make this work?
Lyrics: Time wasted between solos.

After a mindboggling 3-hour Steve Vai concert, I had to listen to some brainless guitar playing... so I put on Nevermind...

Jesus Rocks!
I'm a big fan of frusciante's solo work, its simply beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 anyways on to your cover, I have heard this song a couple times. I really liked this song, so simple, and you can feel his regret. And I think you captured that in this song, you capture the regret in the song, you can feel in your vocals. And thats the kinda singing I like to. Liking ones voice is optional, and I think you voice fit the song and the style that frusciante plays, so for that you did a job well done. I liked it. Good stuff, and thanks for the crit on my stuff.
Wow man, great song. Contrary to all the metal stuff that I have in my room, and what I play, I do like RHCP and Frusciante's style. So this was nice. I think you need to work on your vocals a little, they sounded a little too raw for this song, its the only way I can think of describing them. The guitar work was great. Keep it up.