Hey guys, i have a Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500RNS with a iMIX pick-ups system for sure natural tone when playing live. Its amazing. Sadly the style music im playing does not fit with this guitar. Its more of a rythm guitar with a full sound. I looking for only one trade. If anyone has a Michael Kelly hybrid or Telecaster with a acoustic pick-up, either model im in for a full trade. I really can use the diversity of this set-up.

My email is michaeletheridge622@gmail.com or call me at 252-412-6265.

I dont see the need for anyones comments on such a stupid trade. Or do i want to here about how much better a Taylor guitar would sound. Im not here for some over-rated guitars with price tags higer then they sould be. Honesty its sad i have played guitars way higher then my guitar now, and they dont come close to the sound my Masterbilt gives. I see why Taylor and such guitar companys are losing sales. Its a stupid trade but....you need what you need.
its true what you say about the big name companies, id take some masterbilts over a martin let alone any taylor just cause the sound is really great, and i wouldnt be disapointed at all, the chinese make great guitars. And its stupid to think that a guitars greatness is due to its name on the headstock or that it was made in nazareth. Woods wood, strings are strings, tone is tone.