So I'm having a pretty classic problem with my setup picking up some local radio stations. It's not all that complicated, I have an Ibanez AG-75 to a Jimi Hendrix Wah to a Digitech Bad Monkey to A Crate Cimarron. I've narrowed things down to the Jimi Hendrix Wah, since when I remove it from the chain, the station problem is gone. Any ideas on how to best shield the wah from this, etc?
some of my pedals / amps do that. specifically usually my boss distortion and sometimes crybaby.
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I have the same problem when I plug my Ovation straight into my amp also. I was thinking maybe opening up the box and lining it with some sort of material that radio waves can't pass through? Or is the problem in the jack, and would it require some fiddling there?