Alright, so I am currently learning Torroba's Arada(Suite Castellana 2nd movement) and I am at the 3rd bar 6th measure and it has a harmonic note(at least I am guessing it is a harmonic) that confuses me.

I don't know where online I could find something for it that you could look at so I will try and explain it as best as possible.

It says "Arm. 8" above the staff and it then has a note on the bottom line (Treble Clef, it would be an E) and a 17 next to it. That is one of the notes could any one explain how I am supposed to play it? The other one is on a A (lower pitch wise then the E) with a 12 next to it.

If any of that makes sense.
I know how to do artificial harmonics, I wasn't sure what I was suppose to play because it is indeed saying 17. I figured it out a day or two ago. Thank you for the help though.