The song "whatever today is" is in my signature link. It's the third track down. There is one acoustic guitar and an electric guitar playing.

I wrote this song awhile back called whatever today it's very well controlled and for some reason it works I dont know why it works. Find me some lyrics and I will give you credit. It's very simple to write lyrics for.

Also please let know if you think there is anything I can add or change. if you think can do a better eletric guitar line I'll send you the file and let you mix it in. if you think you can sing to it I'll send you the file and you can throw in what you think will work. I'm a very easy going guy and I love collaborations.

crit for crit of course as always

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hmm i like it =]
however i think you should work on harmonizing the two better, especially at the part where the electric first starts to come in, it sounds a bit off-rhythm, so work on that.
otherwise i think its great, keep it up
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