Here is what I am needing help on, I already have a crybaby classic wah, and a Boss Mega Distortion, and my question is, what type of pedal should I go for next? Brands and types would aslo help me out, and warn me about the ones I should stay away from. I play alternative, punk, hard rock, and metal, and every now and then I liek to calm it down a little. So I would love some advice thanks. Jack.
What kinds of bands do you like, and what guitar/amp do you have?
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I have a peavy, and I am to lazy to look right know at what model but it is a solid state I think, (Its at my frieds house from the weekend). and as for bands, AX7, NOFX, Metallica, ACDC, Some of the All american rejects songs and tons of others.