Hello All,

I have a few pedals that I am currently running. Its a total mess with all the adapters and cables running everywhere, along with my amp footswitch. Its a nightmare really. I plan on buying a pedalboard tomorrow to house all of these pedals. I have:

Boss CH-1
Boss DD-6
Boss TU-2 (not really important)
Boss NS-2 noise supressor

Now I only use the delay and chorus when playing lead lines. I have a booster on my footswitch and it also has the channel switch. Its a real problem when I play a clean part before a solo, because I have to switch to the gain channel, switch to the lead channel, and then step on the delay and chorus pedal all the matter of a second. Impossible.

My question is, can I get an LS-2 and just have one line be my amp, and then my second line be my delay and chorus? Its not that expensive of a pedal.

And is there anyway that I can have my NS-2 be on AT ALL TIME? I havent really had to do any signal setup before as i've always tried to step on all the pedals in the nic of time. But regardless of what Im playing, the ns-2 is always on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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