does a guitar with this stuff exist? (a mass produced 'tar not a custom)
1. active emg 81/85 with emg afterburner
2. neck thru
3.swamp ash/alder body
4.grover locking
5.tonepros locking string thru(or floyd rose speed loader)
6. quilt top
7. ebony finger board
8.24 frets
9.easy to get to lower frets
10. abalone binding(on body and neck)
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its called custom shop
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closest thing I can think of is the Ibanez MTM
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There's very little point in having active pickups AND the afterburner.

Besides, those requirements are way to specific to be anything but a custom job.
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There's very little point in having active pickups AND the afterburner.

Not pointless at all. I had EMGs and AB on my lp copy and the AB kicks butt with the EMGs.
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