I want to start playing the acoustic guitar and am on a tight budget, I have no clue which one to buy whatsoever !!

I rather liked the Fender CD - 60 which I saw somewhere for £59.00 ... surely the deal is too good to be true? It says it has a laminated mahogany back and sides and a laminated spruce top. I don't know what this means.

Or, is it just better to invest in an electro -acoustic guitar? I think the sound is beautifully mellow.

I don't know where to start.

Is a guitar pack a bit of a scam ? Just saw Squier by Fender Acoustic Guitar Pack. only £79.93 - where's the catch no ?

My budget is up to £100 but would prefer something in the £75 range.

Please can you help recommend good guitars that fit my criteria and any reputable shops/websites where I can purchase it?

Thank you very much
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Are you brand new to guitar or? If you are, a guitar from argos will do :P

If not, its hard to find good electro acoustic in your price range, same for normal acoustics, but if you do save up - this :


This babies a beauty :P
if your going for a good starter guitar, try doubling that budget, or buy through your school (if your young enough!)