So yeah, I just purchased a AKG WMS 40 PRO INSTRUMENTAL FLEXX wireless system and I see it comes with a regular 1/4" for the instrument. Can I purchase a different cable that will be angled? I'm talking about the wire that goes from the transmitter (pack) into my guitar.


Thanks in advance
If they used some sort of special plug for the wireless unit then you would be stuck with the existing cable. If its a common thing you should be able to find an angle end. You could always make it into an angel end with a new end.
probaby, but i need to know what kind of cable it is. 1/4 to 1/4, XLR to 1/4, what is it?
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it looks to small to be a XLR
hmm i tihnk it might be specifically for the system
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looks like some proprietary cable, you're gonna have to put a new jack on it if you want it angled.
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