OK. This is probably going to be a stupid question, but when playing notes quickly along one string, or a chord, how do you stop the previous note from continuing to ring? I've heard of palm muting, but whenever I try that, the notes sound rubbish (flat and really short). Can anyone please help. Thank you!

Sorry for such a badly worded and probably obvious question
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After you fret the note and play it, lift your fretting hand off it so it stops ringing.
Could you give an example?

Normally I use a combination of free fingers on my left hand and my right palm to mute notes that would otherwise ring out.
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like staccato or something?

I usually pick the note and then put my pick up against the string quickly and firmly and then pick again, etc.
I usually use my pickin hand to mute any notes that I don't want to ring.

Tho to be honest, if you could better phrase your question, we could help you more I think. At least I could, whether others choose to do so is their own decision.
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Well, an example is Sunshine of Your Love by Cream:

Just strumming the notes sound far too long, and when I lift my finger off the second 12, it acts like a pull-off to 10, the same happens between strings.

The problem is sustain. The notes are lasting too long, so when I go to play the next one, the first is still ringing, making the second sound off. This isn't even with fast picking, as I seem to have a sustain of about 5 seconds, even with low gain.

Hope this helps...
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Then you just need to mute it after you play it as others suggested.
For that riff, I pull my fingertips up slightly before moving to the next note. So instead of lifting the finger straight up, pull up just enough to stop the string, then remove it and play the next note. Make sure you pull straight up, without any side-to-side motion.
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You're playing the riff wrong mate

Secondly, just lift the finger tips on your left hand a little bit, it's how I do it.