Hey All,
Been on UG for a while now, and have learned tons. Finally ready to post my first bit of playing. It is far from perfect, but was just itching to try out my new Toneport. Really small clip of the solo from The Cars son Just What I Needed. Just a quick rundown of what I used to record and sources..

Line 6 Toneport with Gearbox (Elliot Easton Tone)
Cakewalk Guitartracks Pro 3
Ghetto Ripped Rock Band Game backing track

Song is in my profile Mp3's

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One problem I think I may have heard, but I may be wrong. The bends don't seem to be high enough. That is all. Excellent job mate.
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Thanks for checking it out guys!

Yeah, the bends were def spotty. I also was not happy with the tone I used in Gearbox. I just redid it with a dif tone and I think I got the bends a little better.