Ive decided to turn my old desktop into a DAW to start some real recording. I will be recording bass, guitar and vocals mainly. Drums will be programmed at this moment. For bass and guitar want to mic my amps up, cause Id rather not use any software-amps.

This is what the setup will be like, unless I find some better parts, etc:

My old desktop (Athlon 64 3200+, 3gigs of RAM, 250gig HD, silent cooling, might set it up for dual monitors as well) and I will add a M-audio delta 2496 to it, since Ive heard so many good things about it (especially from tweaks guides). Also, Cakewalk sonar 7 will be used for audio/midi and I will program drums in beatcraft)
A behringer XENYX 1202FX mixer
A Shure SM-57 (Should be the best choice for my needs, right?)
My Roland EM-15 keyboard. It has midi i/o, so I figure it should work(?)
All cables of course. (1 question though; how much does cable quality effect sound? Could I go about making decent recordings with cheap midi/xlr/jack/DA cables?)

Eventually Ill add some monitors (rp5's), but until then Ill use a headset and my speakers/woofer.

My question to you guys is; would this DAW be able to record decent quality music?

Also, recommend a soft synth, bitte
it will work. If you have a good quality amp/guitar you should have no problems.
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it will work. If you have a good quality amp/guitar you should have no problems.

No problems there, my Ibanez RG2570EX(soon to be replaced with Schecter C7 hellraiser though) through my Peavey Triple XXX rips faces
I would suggest staying away from the M-audio 2496 if you want a good setup...I run one in my studio and it works fine but I can clearly find its limits.

A behringer XENYX 1202FX mixer is not the best choice, they are noisy little units last time I've tried one.

The 2496 doesn't have preamps or balanced inputs. For around $200 you can get yourself a nice firewire interface like the Mackie Onyx Satellite and I suggest going this route.

The 2496 also will limit your outputs meaning you dont really get a seperate monitored mix...I'm already looking to sell mine and buy a proper PreSonus FP10 interface.
I'm backing up Moody's advice on skipping the mixer and 2496. Instead, get a solid interface first, ideally one with MIDI capabilities. Since it's just you, and I see no drums, a USB interface is all you'll need. This Presonus and this M Audio will work. Other than that, it's pretty good. Once you get plugin heavy though, I heavily recommend a complete overhaul to multi-core systems, which will involve a change of memory, motherboard, and processor (so it may be better to have this computer serve another purpose like office work or MP3 server and start from scratch instead).
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Okay, Ill look into some mixerless interfaces

But Firewire > USB, right?
Would it be worth considering stuff like the Presonus Firebox, or even the Firepod (8 mic inputs for future eventual band-recording)?
Firewire seems to be the best choice then...

Then I can also use it with my laptop if I need to go on the run and record
Ive heard somewhere, though, that the Firebox doesnt work that well with dynamic mics, like the SM57?

Is that true?
Thanks, looks good!

But that only covers vocals,, is it the same deal with amps?
Seeing as your amp will generally be consistently louder than a persons voice, you won't have to work the preamps as hard, so you'll have enough headroom to stay out of trouble.
Mackie Onyx Satellite vs Presonus Firebox?

Can I connect my midi keyboard to the onyx if it only has midi i/o and no usb?
I'd take the Mackie, overall better quality than the Presonus.

If the keyboard has MIDI I/O, it should work fine.
Mackie has good preamps but no MIDI features on it.
you can use the E-MU 1x1 USB interface though. I use it in my studio and it works great.



I think the Mackie is the better way to go but be sure you are running windows XP instead of vista and also make sure you have the proper connection on your PC for each interface (USB or Firewire)

4 pin firewire is compatible with 6 pin firewire.
Okay, so Ill just bypass the interface completely and go directly keyboard -> computer?

And would the m-audio uno be better or worse than that one? (not considering the prices)
keyboard MIDI out - USB interface cable - PC

Audio will be hooked up from the output of the PC to the interface since you will be playing sounds out the keyboard and feeding them into the computer to make audio in some cases.

I cant say how well the Uno works since I've never used it.

Thanks! You guys been a great help to a upcoming nub-studio-monkey