I am a relatively new guitar player and need help choosing a new guitar. My budget is from 0 - $620. I was looking at a Washburn WM24V. Is that a good guitar? What brand and what guitar should i get? I have no idea what a humbucker or pedal and stuff like that is so if you suggest anything that has that please explain!

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well what kind of guitar do you have right now? and what kind of music do you play? Maybe look at some ibanez guitars. Or you could actually get a decent amp. A crappy guitar sounds better through a good amp than a good guitar through a crappy amp.
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right now you shouldn't be worrying bout pedals or stuff like that, just find yourself a good guitar and amp (the amp is more important since it generates most of your overall tone)
i agree with the guy above me, we need to know what kinda music you play
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I play some rock. for example Cavemen Rejoice(the bags), Pretty Handsome Awkward(the used), and One(metallica). I'm not that great, because as i said i'm relatively new at guitar. i have an acoustic Fender guitar. i have played a Fender Squire and i think it is pretty nice sounding but i dont think i like that guitar so im going for something different and nicer. so please let me know if there is anything else i should know before i get a guitar, and please suggest certain guitars. also can you say why those are good, cuz i dont understand everything the companies are trying to say when they describe the guitars and their features.

if you dont like the guitar you probably picked what make you belive you will like what we pick?

I know it wierd especially for a new guitarist but go to a guitar shop pick a few guitars up and play them if your embarece remember you dont have to play all the way up

also you can always talk to the clerks to lower the price a lil thats if your in a local shop

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Check out Ibanez guitars. The RG2EX1 is a great model, and I should know because I have one. It's only $300 so you should have enough money left over to buy a good amp that has at least 30W, especially if you buy one used.