I always ned ot get new pairs of earbuds. They always end up crackling/fuzzing. When I move the jack around it fuzz's and crackles. I take care of them, but somehow im doing something wrong.

I usualy keep them plugged into my ipod when its turned off. should I stop doing that?
Your inputjack might be broken.

And you should make sure you don't make 'sharp corners' in your cable, especially in the beginning and end of the cable.
Keepin it plugged in isnt bad at all for it, not from what ive seen. What earbuds do you own?
You probably play music too loudly through them for extended periods.
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instead of repeatedly buying $10 earbuds just go buy a pair of REALLY GOOD earbuds. i got a bose one for a present and ive had it for 3 years and its still great
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When you wrap the cord up, unplug it first. That used to happen to me too.
you're probably either wrecking the wires by bending/twisting the cable, or blowing the speakers by playing your music too loudly.
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instead of repeatedly buying $10 earbuds just go buy a pair of REALLY GOOD earbuds. i got a bose one for a present and ive had it for 3 years and its still great

I've been thinking about asking for some Skull Candy headphones for Christmas this year, the ones I'm drooling over are about fifty dollars...anyone know if they're a good brand to pay that much for?
Skull Candy are incredible, especially the price! I personally have myself a pair of Bose, and they are THE best earphones I've owned. Plus, I got them for free at a walk for Autism!
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so you go buy more duh.
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Personally I hate earbuds, they hurt my ears and are extremely uncomfortable. My bro has the same problems, then again, he always manages to crush one of them somehow anyway. He always buys new ones, including $50 pair that he bought a couple of weeks ago and are now useless because of the input jack at the end.

Apparently they are too cheap to really be using. I have a $20 pair that go behind my head and I have had them for 2 years with no problems. I would have had another pair longer if my ****ing cat hadn't chewed the damn wire in half one night...
bose headphones are sick, I know a guy with like a 300$ pair of Bose headphones so he can enjoy his music

I wore them and they sound incredible, noise canceling and everything
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My 99 dollar Bose Earbuds which I got for free don't do that.
Wiggle the cord near the lack if it goes fuzzy then its that or if the headphones are always fuzzy buy better ones
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its the jack, not the headphones. i had the same problem with my old mp3. are you wrapping the chord around the player when its not in use, and leaving it plugged in? if so, its tugging on the input jack and loosening it.