Tuning my guitar has become somewhat .. strenuous lately

my guitar immediatly goes out of tune when its tuned.

so me and my band decided that my floyd rose was too high upand it was cause my strings to come out of tune etc.

so we got the good ol' allan key(sp?) and lowered it down

now my strings are very close to my fretboard

Is this good?
also my strings are basically touching my bridge pickup, thats not good either is it?

help me please

Well, old strings will go out of tune all the time. Other than that it could be a hardware issue; have you had any problem with the locking nut, bridge or tuners?
1) Are you sure your locking block (the black/grey block in the saddle) is clamping the string hard enough?
2) Are you sure the string isn't slipping around the tuners?
3) Are you sure your knife-edges aren't dull?

Low action is good, too low isn't (fret buzz). High action is good too, too high isn't. Depends on what you like. Also you can screw your humbuckers lower.

BTW, are you sure you have a guitar with a floyd rose? Because who would ask such questions when they own a guitar with a floyd rose... besides kids with a rich dad.
other than what has already been said, the height of the strings in the 12th fret should be 2mm, preferably
Does the spring tension on your floyd match the tuning you want to put it in? To tune with a floyd, as you tighten the strings, the floyd becomes depressed lowering overall pitch. The opposite is also true. You have to over and under adjust in order to use the movement of the floyd with the change in pitch of the strings to get to the desired tuning. If you already know all that sorry, you didn't say anything about it in your post though.