So basically i wanna get the Razorback or Razorback V 2 tone models (both same price) what wuld anyone suggest??

Also, is the 255 model with the EMGs and 24 frets better than the 22fret with dimebucker??

and yes, i know its only supposed 2 b good 4 metal
i've heard the dimebuckers suck
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all about the dimebucker
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I hear dimebuckers are bad for clean tone, but if im playing metal then clean won't matter so much, just get a decent clean pickup in the neck

wt about the EMGs??
How about a standard Dean? The Razorbacks are kind of crappy and overpriced. Check out Jackson, Ibanez and ESP/LTD. Better guitars in the same price range as the Razorbacks.

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I would avoid anything with a dimebucker.
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There are much better guitars in the price range. $1,000 for something with a licensed floyd rose is sorta no bueno imo.

Look at some of the ESP LTD's in the same range.
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I would try to persuade you to get a ML79, but if your mind is made up between the Razor V and Razorback, lemme state it like this:

Are you more comfortable playing a regular V than an ML? A V-shaped guitar takes a bit to get used too, mainly because they're a bitch to play sitting down.

Also if you're a bigger dude, I'd recommend the Razorback. It'll look and feel better than a Razor V with your build and hands.
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