Ok, i'm basically a total noob at this stuff but i'm trying to learn. I've been trying to open various vst's in audacity and some of them work..but others don't. One main one is LoopAZoid, i can't figure out how to use it. Does anyone know how i can make it work. I use a Mac OS X and i'm sure i'm missing something big here. I am supposed to open these IN audacity right...? I'm very confused
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What about Ardour? i've been looking at that...i can't exactly get it running, but would it be possible to work with?
I also suggest Reaper (I've never worked with Ardour) but Reaper is a great price and has proper VST support. It's also a nice program to work with after you learn it.

Look through Tweak's Guide in my sig to learn more on VSTs.