For some time now, I have messed around with the idea of a band. I just about started one, but we couldnt find any members. Where I am there are very few musicians to join with. I know a several great drummers, but all of them are pompous and wont apply anything they do. I tried to start it with a rhythym guitarist, but he isnt good, so im scrapping that idea. Does anybody know any good ways of getting band members? Has anybody had a good experience finding members through newspapers and stuff?
Posting an ad in the newspaper is a great idea. Also try craigslist - the internet is the information super highway, after all. State what your influences are (not just bands you like, but the type of sound you want to sound like) and where you can meet up.

If you can't find anybody, move to a bigger city.
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get ur friends who listen to the same music as u to try bass and drums and just have fun until u think u wanna really get serious
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solo project?

also, should this be in the bandleading forum?

Ah good point. Oh well
I need at least a drummer...
From my own experience, a decent vocalist is a rare breed. Crappy rhythm guitarist can improve, however a crap vocalist....

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Ah good point. Oh well
I need at least a drummer...

Why? Jack White seems to do alright without a drummer.
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every drummer ive ever had is arrogant and pompous, its part of what they do. try the local music store for members or teach a friend how to play.