I was wondering whether anyone has any opinions on the new Ampeg Dan Armstrong (AMG100) guitars?

They're (from what I can tell) the same as the plexi one, just made out of wood, so there's still the interchangeable pickups, and the same styling, just this time made of wood


There's a link.

Obviously the first one is the plexi one...

The Black one is made of alder
The Cherry one is made of mahogany
The White one is made of swamp ash

I've always liked the styling of the original, but I could never afford one, so one of these would be cool...although the novelty may be lost seeing as these aren't transparent.
Bound to be quality, given that Dan Armstrong is a world-renowned luthier.

Ampeg's original plexi is a great guitar too - heard nothing but good things about it.

Then again, one can never tell if a guitar is great just by the brand... like Gibson.
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