My frankenstrat is almost done but i still dont know what pickups to put in it... Anybody know a pickup that will get me a good Van Halen tone?
P.S. I only have $80 to work with
I suggest just getting a PAF for the bridge then. Any company's PAF should work.
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also, if a buy a seymour duncan do i need to get a trembucker or could i just get it normal.

SD make an EVH custom dont they?
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SD make an EVH custom dont they?

AFAIK, the Duncan acronym EVH stand for "evenly voiced harmonics." Same way, alot of people think JB stands for Jeff Beck, but I can't say I've ever seen it stated explicitly on the SD website.
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SD make an EVH custom dont they?

Nope. When SD came out with a pickups he named after EVH but then had to change the name when EVH publically stated that it sounded nothing like his pickup.

The real EVH pickups were hand wound by EVH himself and when he was making them something went wrong. It could have been a short, a broken wire, or simply a bad solder joint, but something didn't turn out right and without unwinding the pickup there is no way of knowing exactly what happend.

PAF's are the next best thing.
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