I havent had a new guitar in years, got a new toy and have been swamped with new ideas and licks.. Anyone else find this?? Pretty expensive way to be productive
Yes, I find this to be true as well. Even if it's not a new guitar, but something as small as a slide or a new set of strings makes me want to play more.
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Haha, yes. I know they say it's the player, not the instrument, but god damn i feel so much skilled playing a nice new guitar, or on a new amp.

I just upgraded from a Peavey starter amp, to a Vox AD50Vt, and all the amp models and built- in effects are so much fun, I definately feel like I'm playing better on it.
diffently...but now im sorta bored with my guitar might be buying and mim tele and a tube amp in near future though
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I hope it works again like it has in the past cus my Tele should be here any day.
New licks when I fiddle with the knobs a little on my amp... I'm too poor to afford getting new licks from new gear.
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