step down, take a few
clear the air of your scent
arrogance breads such disposture
does it rush through your flesh?

for this is what you thirst for
lip stick marks of grey
as the day sat remorseful
i thought i heard him say

with arms wide open to a hostile state of drought
"come in closer, let me finish my thought"
"drink up the lathers of my wellbeing"
"slip down the stairwell, signal your ok"

my dues were sent
with the pastence equivalent
of rain cheeks

in this yard
i call home
the picket fence
affects us both
teach me how to breathe?

well heres the rent
paid and full
with the patient equivalent
of sane checks

Basque in the truth in words
of those words unsaid
but if i don't find who i am
how will i know i'm dead?
Reaching for the sun
one may forget
the feet which
ground him
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