Hello, well I've had my new Ibanez for just over a month now and it's been fantastic, my previous guitars have never really needed any special attention when it comes to cleaning/maintaining as I enjoy the look they gave.

However I've noticed two things with this guitar that are getting too me and I can't figure out how to solve. On two areas there is a buildup of an orangey like thing that looks a bit rusty. The two areas are clearly caused by me touching them, the first is on the bridge, I rest my palm on the saddle and theres a lot of buildup of it here. Also on the locking nut the screws have a buildup of this and it seems to be due to sweat/getting moisture.

Any tips on preventing this (I rigorously wipe my guitar down after playing now) and removing this from my guitar will be greatly appreciated .
A picture would help identify them, man...

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