here's a few of my finer pieces (mostly small parts because I find it hard to stretch out my ideas across a lot of lines).

Hopeless Romantic:
I’m a hopeless romantic,
A heartless Romeo,
My search’s getting frantic,
But the finding’s coming slow,

They say true love’s not real,
Just an idea that’s ideal,
But I know that once I find you,
The truth will be revealed,

They say that I’m hopeless,
But I’d never hope for less,
Then an angel like yourself,
With an intimate caress,

It was 5 o’clock,
He was already late,
She hung up on him,
He got irate,
Promised her dinner,
Served on a silver plate,
Blood getting thinner,
Sat in the traffic to wait,
He’s cooled down,
Looked up ahead,
Saw flashing lights all around,
Some poor girl with a foot made of lead,
Get back in his head,
To think about the night,
She said she was late too,
Why’s it always a fight?
The traffics thins out,
As the rubbernecks go,
He pulls up to the wreckage,
Stares out the window,
Lying on the ground,
Open cell in her hand,
Is his dead lover,
So much for those dinner plans,

Music's Dead:
Staffs, trebles,
Clefs, and chords,
Running together,
On a double-edged sword,
Set ‘em on fire,
Or shred them instead,
In time they’ll expire,
Cause music is dead,

I have a couple up on my myspace (none of these songs) if you feel bored.



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