Well, I was playin' around with my tremolo system on my Kramer Striker and when I raise the pitch using the tremolo, the strings make a cracking noise. Like they're settling inside the clamps that hold them. It almost sounds like they're breaking. Like the wound brass around them is comeing off.

Is this because it isn't a genuine Floyd?

Would this guitar be worth getting a real Floyd Rose?
If ur ears aint ringin...ur doin it wrong

dude you probably didnt set it up right. or try putting a drop or two of oil in the place where the string is clamped at the BRIDGE... (near the tremolo)... should work fine. i do it to mine, and its been cool, so dont worry. (btw i learnt it from a video my friend gave me... some pro teachin you how to set it up... cant remember what it was called