I have used this as my stock response to n00bs' theory questions in MT. The lesson is very good, however, there are a few errors. I've explained the errors when I've refered to this lesson, but I'd like to simply fix the lesson; textbooks have second editions, so why can a UG lesson?

So if there's any way to edit the lesson, I'd like to have someone (or me) edit it. If not, I'll post a "second edition" of the lesson. Don't worry, I'll note the original author; I'm not stealing anybody's work!
Sounds like a good idea to me. Try PMing the author. If not, just rewrite it using the same outline he did, or if you don't see that fit, then do it your own way.

Go for it!
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I would say that correcting the MT sticky would be a much better idea, it's a much worse lesson more commonly referred to.
I haven't looked at it in a long time, but my guess is that it's all correct, but poorly organized. I think "my" article is linked in that thread anyway.

I don't think we have to choose between the two. I'm completely willing to fix up the link in my sig, and I'll contribute to a new/revised MT FAQ as will others.

Edit: I looked at the author to PM him, but he's not posted since April 2006; I'm guessing he's not on here too much anymore. I'll PM anyway.

Edit 2: It's been several days and I haven't gotten a response. Is there any way to edit the lesson?
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If you can't contact the author, then create a new lesson, using a similar layout as the one in your sig, but improve it, and include the author (slash_pawns I think) in the credits or something....

Although I agree modifying the sticky would help more (you don't need to tell people to look in your sig or something for them to look at the sticky). I don't know, maybe even add those disscusions about counterpoint, modes, etc in there too, and make it a 30 page sticky
Try submitting it under a different, but similar title.

That's what I'm in the process of doing (a lot of copy and paste), but it would be much easier to have a mod edit the few spots that need to be fixed.
^I have PM'd matter about it. So I'm just waiting for a reply to see what can be done and how we can do it.

I'll give you a shout for what you want changed/added if and when I get an affirmative on editting it from matter.
UG editor-in-chief. He's the guy who deals with all the articles and lessons, so I think I've asked the right guy.