So I gave a shot at a too obvious acrostic.
It's pretty good in my opinion and if you never mind lyrics at all don't comment on them.

Leaves cinder and fall cross you’re face
Autumnal sunlight sketching you’re grace
Tonight I will set us free
On my bare knees I beg thee
You touch my lips as I sing for you
And the song it goes ‘I love you’

This eve on witch you stole my heart
Always cherished it then tore it apart
Kiss me fast or kill me slow
Ending the song with a no

Must you torment me like this ?
Endorphin death by overdosis

But at least I can’t get less
Almost died when you said yes
Carving our runes in this tree
Kissing me, finally
for people who don't know what an acrostic is: read first letter of every line.
hey - it's good, not really my sorta thing - but it's good
Yes, I Am A Lesbian... No, I Don't Do Porn