i just got a peavey JSX 212. now next on the list is pedals to get for it. so far ive come to the conclusion this is going to need a OD, NS and an EQ pedal to get the best out of this amp.

suggestions on what would work best with this beast of a peavey and any other pedals i should consider.
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If you are looking for a satch tone, you might want to get his Vox Satchurator. He doesn't even use the distortion on that amp anymore, as far as I know.
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^yeah but dosent work all that great
i dont know id have to say
MXR carbon copy
wah wah
i think those are the esentials if you dont want anything all to fancy
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what kinda sounds are ya looking for??

i am compressor freak,...i have 3 of them,...boss,mxr,vox snake charmer,..

heres a trick that works very good for clearing up your sound with any effects...wire them in parralell (sp).. ("y" cords)
Hey that JSX is one of the most versitle and under-rated amps out there, honestly its nearly as veristile as a mesa boogie dual rectifier, and sound nearly as good too. I was looking into the JSX but ended up with a new 212 xxx, got such a great deal I could not trun it down, it too is veritile and the jsxs are the same base amp. Honestly a compresor/noise gate, posible an OD, mabe an EQ if you really wanted somthing else but really the amp with its 3 channels is really awesome and can go from classic rock-Rock to hard rock-metal with a flip of a switch. Other than those what ever FX you might want to run (delay, Chours, ect)
seriously , u need an OD?
are you sure??? and an EQ too????

you already have 3 channels what else do you need?

thats the same thing as buying a metal muff for a Mesa Triple rectifier

...unless you dont like the tone of the JSX than, in that case youll need those pedals...

the way i see it is... you already have a great amp, adding anything else would be colouring the tone

it would be a better idea to do a tube swap and speaker swap
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Really, all you'll need is a Noise Supressor. That's all I use with my JSX. I would invest in a delay or reverb pedal instead of the OD and EQ.

The JSX does have an onboard noise "gate", but it only reduces the amps operating noise and gets rid if the ssshhhhh at high gain and high volume. (This is a feature Peavey should have put in the relaunch of the 6505.) My NS-2 keeps feedback in check at high volume playing and pretty much silences my whole rig when I'm not playing.
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OD- Either a Keeley SD-1 or a Maxon OD-808 (not really necessary)
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Delay- Nova Delay
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