I need help. I wanna buy a guitar but it doesn't have any fret markers on the fretbard. Is there some way i can add them with spending a $hit load of money?
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whatever you do...dont draw them on yourself or use stickers
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lol stickers... Thats gonna hinder your sound eventualy because your sweat is gonna make them peel off and then hit the strings.
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It'll cost a few. Unless it's a classical nylon string, just look at the dot indicators on the side of the neck. You should get used to it.

+1. The inlays on the front of the board are for looks only. If you need to look at the inlays on the front of the board and not the side dots still, you should spend a little more time practicing until moving up to a new guitar
You think it's a big deal, but once you play the guitar, you'll barely notice it. You may not think about it, but you're probably using the dots on the side of the fret board rather then the ones on the front.

I drew inlay on my bass though. But, it was a piece of crap when I bought it anyways.