The Birds and Moons forum says they're pretty kick-ass. I really considered getting one, but I'm not spending that much.
From what I hear, no. They sound great though, but if you want the sound of a Standard, then save up for the Standard.
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Do they have the same sound as the standard PRS models?

The PRS Mira's are great guitars, but they do have their own sound not like that of the other PRS guitars. If the shape didn't give it away, they more geared towards more vintage sounds. Just look up some youtube videos and you can get a decent idea.
I played one recently, not expecting much, and was very impressed.

I didn't think I'd like one, but it sounded even better than some Custom models I've played.
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Thanks for the insight, now all I need is $1,500!

The one I played was tagged at $2,499
You can find used, but new condition Miras for around $1300. Maybe I just got lucky, but I got my 2008 vintage cherry Mira with new bird inlays on ebay for $1000! It came with the hardshell case, all paperwork, and even shipped in the original box from PRS. You never know what you'll find out there!

As far as the sound goes, it does not sound like a custom. It sounds BETTER imho! I have owned customs and struggled to fall in love with the tone but just couldn't. I really liked the way they looked, though

The Mira has a tone all it's own and is very versatile. Played through the right amp (I run mine through a Mesa Boogie Rect-O-Verb), it is a real tone monster!!
At first I thought they were kind of unatractive, but they have grown on me. Had I not just bought a Gibson Studio VM I might, might have considered one.
Now I think they are pretty sweet actually.