today is my bday and i can either get a cheaper fender strat the ones around 500 i think or a eipi les paul i cant decide which is a better guitar?
what kind of music do you play? what do you want your guitar to have?

PS: happy bd.
What are you going to play on it?
(I'm already leaning heavily towards the Fender, though, just so you know. =])
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i love slash but also clapton and jimi so its hard to pick?

that doenst really help say what kind of musci YOU play, just saying
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Les Paul if your a Rocker,
Fender if your a bluesman or Yngwie Malmsteen.

Good advice.
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i play blues and learnin to play some classic rock but im stil learnin. i was goin to buy an amp but the man told me the spider is better then alot of cheaper amps so i should buy i new guitar then once i get more money to buy a new amp
Guys, normally I'd agree "amp before guitar" and "spider 3's suck", but he's not gigging or anything, he's got a 15 watt amp.
At 15 watts in his room, a modeling amp is just fine, let him get a decent guitar and then when he has a reason to upgrade his amp, he can do that then.
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Les Paul if your a Rocker,
Fender if your a bluesman or Yngwie Malmsteen.

I lol'd.
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if you play rock or metal, your gonna want a humbucker, so if your getting a strat get an HSS