I want to try painting my pickguard for my strat.
I plan on making it look like the Jimi Hendrix Monterey Strat.

How woud i go about doing this?
go to a art store and ask whats kind of paint to use

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um yeah acrylic paint would work but you have to get something to take off the almost waxy finish they put on the pickguard so the pain will adhere to it and stay on there
Also a good (other) idea is to get a piece of paper, paint it on there, and get a see-though pickguard and put it on there.
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You are going to have to use a special primer that forms a molecular bond with plastic first then go ahead and paint.

Painting with acrylic directly on plastic doesn't work very well at all.
bob: You don't need special paint for plastic. I used Krylon Gloss Black and Minwax Polyurethane lacquer and got perfect results (I'll even post a pic if you want).

TS, use the Search bar. There's a tutorial in (I think) the Ultimate Painting Thread.
Try scuffing it with a scuff pad or fine grit sandpaper to get the gloss off. You'll probably want some primer on that if going with some regular paint. Or if you really want, hobby stores sell R/C paint that comes in a small rattle can for about 4 or 5 bucks. It works on lexan bodies (I believe that's what the R/C bodies are made of) and I've painted my PS2 and my friends Guitar Hero controller with it without primer, worked real well.
i tried doing this last night, but it was a failure. It's harder than imagined. If i could try again, make guidelines with pencil, do a rough outline with acrylics (a black guideline), then apply the green 2nd color, then the detail black.