I have too much relief in my neck and when I try to turn the truss rod it just won't go anywhere. I took off the top piece holding the strings in place (there's no headstock, just a slot for the strings) and I looked at the truss rod and it looked OK. I don't know whats wrong with it!
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Truss rods are a delicate thing to mess with. I would get it to a luthier, or a repair shop. You could screw up your bass really bad if you goof up the truss rod.

you mean guitar?
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you mean guitar?

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you mean guitar?

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If in doubt about your truss rod, don't touch it, take it to a guitar store.
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you mean guitar?

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you mean guitar?

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Edit: Take it to the nearest guitar shop!!! dont try anythign yourself as you could damage it beyond repair.
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Four things:

1. Try and get a bit more leverage, try a longer allen key, or use a wrench with the allen key you have.

2. You can play with your truss rod. Just remember quarter turn then check. It doesn't need to be turned that much.

3. Quarter turn then check. Don't turn it more than that.

4. If you don't feel brave, take it to a shop.
If it was broken wouldn't it just spin?

It might just be seized up or crazy tight. Take it in for a setup.

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