i just went through my 3rd crybaby since 2008 began

first a jimi one, then an original, and now the classic


anyway im sick of my **** breaking, i treat it properly and im not stupid with it. i have heard the dunlops break quite frequently but i liked the tone so i kept it. but now i quit.

how are http://www.guitarcenter.com/Vox-V847A-Wah-Pedal-104376306-i1177657.gc
pedals. i like the tone of them but how are they in terms of reliablity? thanks

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

That's weird, they seem like reliable pedals. Just out of curiosity, what broke on them?
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The Voxes are good
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I've heard Vox's are pretty good quality-wise, but I havn't heard anything bad about the crybabys, mine still works fine (the plastic battery cover broke, but that's crappy plastic anyway). I'm surprised at the crappy wahs that you've gotten, bad luck? anyway I'd try Vox, if for no other reason than that Dunlop may in fact have a personal grudge against you.
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Dude, that wah kicks ass. It has more treble then bass and it has a biting sound to it. I love it.

I've had mine since Christmas. Six months and still kicking ass.
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i have a dunlop original i bought in 2003 and i beat the crap out of it (dropping on every kind of surface, kicking, spilling water on it) and it still works fine. maybe your just really unlucky and got three defects.