a close friend wants to sell it to me. he wants to buy a twelve string. but what do you think its worth its about 2 years old,a couple scratches. what do you think its worth. thanks
is it a fat strat? if its just the standard issue affinity started strat them give him like 50 bucks
No more than 70. What kind of stuff do you have right now, and what music do you play?
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i have well nothing . i only listen to rock so thats probly what i would play.
Oh, okay. In that case I say buy it from him. Keep it under $75 and you're getting a decent deal for a first guitar. Make sure to consult the GG&A section here before buying your first amp, they'll set you off on the right foot for sure.
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hey but squier are nice guitars so if you do buy it and someone bashes you. break out the squier and melt there face hahaha
the affinity series is probably the best squier series out now. alder wood, decent hardware, its a good deal for under $100. lucky you. ha
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yeah i have the affinity fat strat. and this guitar on a good amp is like GOD. really low action although no fret buzz. its light, humbucker sounds great. sounds better than alot of nicer more pricy guitars ive played.
a music store wont buy it unless its a fat strat or a stage master, stage master squiers are amazing, floyd rose and all.
Affinity Stratocasters are very good actually. Got the Alder wood body which is used on the higher end Fenders, I say go for it, nice first guitar.
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what would you pay for the guitar a gig bag and the amp that comes with the guitar in the starter pack
Yeah not worth much, which is good from your perspective.

Quote by buck.wheat
its not a fat strat i wish! but no just the plain jane

I don't know why people give a toss about HSS Strats, really. If anything, all you're doing is losing some tones with that bridge humbucker. You people do realise that an SSS Strat also technically has two humbuckers, right? The middle pickup is reverse-wound, position two on the switch blade is bridge and middle, and position four is middle and neck. These two positions are humbucking. It's why the Strat is the most versatile guitar. I'm a humbucker player primarily, but I'd only ever buy an SSS Strat.
affinity strats are nice guitars for the price, but i would preffer a fat strat, the extra humbucker doesnt mean you are loosing some tones
but the alder of the affinitys is not the same that in fender models BTW
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