Im attempting to build an electric guitar by the end of the summer. Just wondering about the neck. Would it be worth the time to just order a neck online or something like that and just make it a bolt on? Cause its going to be horriable having to do all the frets by myself and making it balanced and such. The only thing is I cant stand bolt on necks my first guitar was a start look alike and i had to adjust it about once a month cause it kept falling out of place.
If done correctly, you wouldn't ever have to adjust the neck like that
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Well, its quite an old guitar, my dad got it in the early 90's and i guess he let the neck warp a little some how. So to keep it straight I had to keep adjusting it.
well here's an idea.

It's kind of a rip off of B.C. rich's Invisibolt necks.

Instead of bolting from the back of the body, do it from the pickup route through to the neck.
That way, you can still keep your guitar body thin and have a neck with a less pronounced heel.
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