Hey guys,

I have a pretty big problem and I'd like an answer asap, the amp is freaking me out.

Okay, last Thursday I turned on my amp like every other day, except this time there was very loud popping noises and white flashes coming from the tubes. The tubes have indeed overheated in the past, not from extensive playing, though. But today I mustered up the courage to turn it on again, and nothing happend!

What is happening? do my tubes need replacing? Has anyone had this problem before?
Put it on standby and check the tubes out. If they're blue, you definitely need to change them. If anything, bring it to a tech and have them check it out.
they are the normal faintly glowing orange colors, definitely not blue. The worst I've seen it is when it overheats, this happens at random intervals for no reason. When they do overheat, they are a bright red.
When you say nothing happend. Does that mean you didn't get any power or when you switched everything on, there was no sound that came out of it, but you were drawing power?

My bet's the power tubes, replace them. Put a fan behind your amp if it overheats so much, that will improve the life of your tubes by A LOT and won't cause your amp to melt itself.
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